" An intellectual is a parrot; a wise man is a crow. One is repetitive; the other is creative! "

Dinosaurs had been the global megastars of the animal empire for 165 million years, with hundreds of species. Later, birds evolved from the theropod dinosaurs over tens of millions of years. But as time passed by on earth, an asteroid wiped out every species. Then, millions of years later, a new bird was born from deep in the earth’s core at the foot of the Amazonian rainforest. These birds were no ordinary birds. Incredibly intelligent and charismatic, they ruled the Amazon as Parrot Bosses. After exploring the landscape in search of today’s world, they decided to form their own culture by mixing fashion with music and being in control!
However, enemies were always around the corner to take over. The story continues


Jamal – Founder

Eric – Community Manager

Ayoub – Business Consultant

Fawad – Lead Developer

Karl – Head of 3D Art and Design


We have entered into the web 3 world not just to sell our excellent artwork to our lovely loyal community members. We have not made a public sale because we want to ensure only our true fans get access to our material also avoid gas war. Instead, we aim to benefit Parrot Boss holders by gifting them free giveaways or staking their Parrot Boss for commercial purposes, including gaming, comic magazines, and toys. In other words, you will earn money by simply having a Parrot Boss.
And if you like the idea of being part of a good cause but prefer the fashion industry, metaverse world, and gaming, you won’t be disappointed. We have thought about you as well!


We will be launching our very own high-end fashion line that you will be proud to wear and flex! We will give additional information later regarding this.


We aim to buy land in the sandbox and create our very own parrot kingdom where other players can see and rent your parrot for the day in exchange for money. More information will be revealed later.


We aim to create a fighting game, the Parrot Boss vs. the Evil Parrot. You can get a chance to earn money if you stake your parrots on the game or when a player picks your character. More information about the project will be revealed later.


We would love to explore the option of you owning your very own NFT toy. We will be exploring this option to see if it benefits our community in any way.


One day, we will own a parrot charity foundation driven by the community and web 3 blockchains. As parrot lovers ourselves, we have a great deal of care about what is going on in the wildlife. If we manage to raise money with your help and support, this project will be bigger than just owning an excellent piece of artwork. Your donation will be directly supporting a cause close to our hearts. How nice would that be? Plus, some of you will be on the board of committees. We will also explore buying land in the UK to build our very own Parrot Boss sanctuary.
We want to work as a team to make this project a household name, and you will be lucky enough to be a big part of this journey from the get-go.
Let’s make this dream a reality!
Let’s create an impactful NFT community!
We all have a boss in us!

Benefits / Utilities of Owning a Parrot Boss

Phase 1:

  • You can 2x, 4x, or even 10x your investment with our NFT.
  • Holders can enter a merchant raffle to win a super cool 3D toy model of their NFT.
  • Holders will gain automatic gifts of their NFT shipped to their chosen address worldwide for free.
  • All Holders with an ultra-rare NFT will be shipped a custom-made hoodie of their NFT designed by our graphic designers for free. We will have around 200 giveaways!
  • Legendary owners will get a custom-made puffer jacket that will blow your feathers away when you receive it. This is our first step to the fashion line that we will be launching in phase 3 of the project.
  • Win a 1 to 1 zoom call with the founder and discuss the plans related to the project in detail.
  • We will be giving limited edition TRAINERS as part of the giveaway prizes.

Phase 2:

  • Get automatic WL for all PB holders to mint Evil Parrot on the day of mint.
  • The creation of 4949 Evil Parrot will start.
  • We will register our charity and make it official.
  • Holders with a Parrot Boss will be shipped a canvas painting of their NFT for FREE.
  • Donating $60,000 to parrot foundation and showing proof to the members.
  • Holders will win a chance to fly to Cape Town, South Africa, to meet the team.
  • We will host a member’s only event based on where most holders are from.
  • Founder will run weekly one to one with holders via Zoom. Where you can talk about anything regarding Life and Our project.
  • Holders will be invited as a guest appearance of our holders to feature on our PodCast.
  • Token to be created for all PB holders, this can be used for many things for our project. (more info will follow)

Phase 3:

  • Holders of The Parrot Boss and Evil Parrot, we will airdrop a super fruit to turn your PB into a guardian parrot to fight back for their land.
  • The guardian parrots will be created by this point. All PB and EP holders will get a chance to receive a free guardian parrot.
  • You will gain royalty on our comic magazine launch if you stake your NFT more info will be given later on..
  • We will launch our clothing line and collaborate with well-known brands. Moreover, we will be shipping out a limited- edition jacket with your NFT printed on it for FREE to all PB and EP holders only!
  • We will buy land on the metaverse and hold members-only events.
  • We will approach gaming companies to create a fighting game platform think of Street Fighter but Parrots instead.
  • We will have a grand opening of the Parrot Boss charity foundation; this is what we all have been waiting for those who we're interested in our charity foundation.
  • We will be on the lookout to purchase land and build our parrot sanctuary in the UK. In addition, we will have a complete roadmap planned out if we manage to reach this point within the project. However, I can't emphasize enough that the community must work together to achieve this.
  • We will be in touch with Toy manufacturers to explore the possibility to launch your NFT Parrot in toy stores around the the U.K. and then explore around the world.
  • Digital fashion on decentraland will be created where you can wear Parrot Boss on your avatar and make your own fashion line using our software, so each time someone buys your design from us you will get a royalty.

Phase 4:

  • TBA


Show the World Parrot Boss

As parrot lovers, we have teamed up with an amazing artist studio to roll out 6969 unique digital art pieces in 4k resolution to make each parrot look life-like. The amount of work that will go into each parrot will blow your feathers away!

We will show our parrot-loving community a preview of some creative designs in the first roadmap step. The team has worked with prominent big-screen names like Rio and Happy Feet.

Please help us grow this community to the next level!

We are always looking to team up with positive entrepreneurs, influencers, marketing companies, clothing brands, music producers, and NFT lovers.
We aim to launch this collection on June 29, 2022

We are not here to participate; we are here to take over

As you know, we have a limited amount of Parrot Boss available to our community. So, we have chosen to give rewards to our community and active members.
We're pleased to announce: There will be no public sale to avoid gas wars.
Each member will have a chance to win or be a part of our ParrotBossList (PBL), which means you will be rewarded handsomely with our NFT to the mint before anyone. More information will be published on discord regarding this.
Our focus will be creating 15 legendary PB and 200 Ultra Rare PB. This will run parallel with other priorities, such as building a healthy and strong community.
All members are encouraged to participate in conversations, artwork, music, food, and fashion. Making genuine connections & invites with each other will likely pay off for you to be on our PBL.
Another focus point we are working hard towards is security on our social media platforms. We've seen far too many projects fail due to inadequate security measures. Because we don't want our Parrot Boss gang to suffer, we've partnered with cyber security professionals.
Our primary focus will be marketing, so you might see some parrots pop up on a big screen.

Phase 1 - Parrot Day

We will be revealing your Parrot Boss! Some of you will be the lucky ones to get the legendary or ultra-rare PB. Remember, the remaining Parrot Boss will also be rewarded.
Check our benefits section.

Phase 2 - Welcome Evil Parrots

Our great team will work on the second phase of the project. It's about a new collection of a different parrot wanting to take over the Parrot Boss land. You will have fun for sure!
We will also roll out a chance to win a fully paid trip to South Africa to meet the team and stay at a 5- star hotel.
We will also donate $60,000 to the parrot trust foundation in phase 2! And guess what? Your contribution made this donation possible! We all worked together to help with this cause, and it's heart-warming to see how we can all come together when it counts.

Phase 3- Welcome Guardian Parrots

We will airdrop free items to make your Parrot Boss powerful. As a result, it will defend its land against the other parrot. This will allow all PB holders to mint a free Guardian Parrot Boss.

Phase 3 – Continues

We will design our first NFT comic magazine with all major PB characters. Each holder will have to stack their PB and, in return, will be rewarded ETH for the duration of the time. Also, we will launch our Parrot Boss clothing line and give away hats, puffer jackets, etc., for free to some people.



We are aiming for the 29th June 2022. This date may change. However, we will keep you posted.

You can mint an NFT if you are selected to be on our White List spot via discord server. Here is the link: www.discord.gg/theparrotboss

The Parrot Boss will have a wide range of utilities that will allow you to use your Parrot Boss to enable the formation of other characters. With every purchase, your Parrot Boss will help the needy parrots in the Amazon rainforest. By staking your own Parrot Boss, you can receive royalties on your NFT! How cool is that? You can totally slay on books or magazines! We will also enter the metaverse. You are in for a crazy ride because you have no idea what your parrots can do here!
There will be more info in our roadmap which we will soon update.

Join our Instagram, Twitter, and discord team to stay connected with the community.

Send your questions via our social media platform. We will get back to you soon.